Just Broken In – Hilly Billy Hot Tub

In 2002 I stayed in a cabin in Northern Ontario that a couple had built from the ground up out of reclaimed wood and furniture. Outside, at the end of their deck, propped up against some Canadian shield, was an old claw foot tub. They lined it with wood,  dug a firepit out underneath it, filled it with well water and.. Presto! Best Hot Tub Ever. I was instantly in love and inspired. I quietly added this to my bucket list – in my lifetime I want to own land and have my own hillbilly hot tub!

My tub was donated by a good friend of mine. It is not finished but next July I will be soaking and gazing up at the stars.


Neighbour Dave and Laura coming to help with their tractor.jbi-tub3

Because they like to humour me.


I love this photo. The looks on our faces is about right.


Safely transported to the tent area.


Its final resting place.


Aaahhh, thank you!


Consensus is in, it is brilliant.JBI-T&M21

Its is going to be magical when done.

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