Road trip day dreamin’

az3As a child my family never travelled in the US because money was tight and crossing the 49th parallel meant that half of it disappeared before you even pulled out your wallet. As a Canadian I am a late comer to vacations in the US but now that I have started to go, I love it!

My friend just sent me an article on the unique town of Marfa, Texas and now I am mapping out another amazing American road trip!

I have a group of friends in Phoenix who are always up for random good times so the trip might just begin there.  A short drive to Albuquerque, NM for a night on route to to Amarillo, Texas! Who doesn’t want to see some buried cars? The head South to Marfa to stay in one of these amazing shelters. The El Cosmico folk are doing what I hope to do on my land idea only bigger and better, cause in Texas everything is bigger! Once we are done gazing at the Texas sky we start to head back to Arizona via the White Sand desert in New Mexico. I was supposed to spend Valentine Day this year in the White Sand Desert under a full moon but an unmanned drone crashed in the desert a few days before shutting it down to the public. Strange but true fact. It is still on my list of places to visit and this trip sounds like the perfect way to get back there.



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