Just Broken In – The Tent

I began looking at yurts online and discovered that they are really expensive. Thankfully, I stumbled upon a great Canadian company called Deluxe Wall Tents and bought myself the most beautiful 168 square foot glamping tent out there! I added on the wood burning stove and upgraded to their deluxe model so mine is equipped with a front and back door as well as two windows. If you like the look and size of my tent it is 12 x 14 x 5 wall x 8.5 peak.  jbi-bday19Everything in the tent (except the bed, pillows, sheets and duvet cover) is second hand or donated by my neighbours. I like the look of objects with a story worn into them plus I am super clumsy so it hurts less when you add a nick to something that already has a few.

jbi-bday22View from the front door

jbi-bday12Check out this company – Cordaroys. The bed is super comfy!


My closet area and indoor toilet in case of emergencies (ie bear outside your door)jbi-bday14

Kitchen area/dining room/work table.


My nightstand is all about my family.jbi-bday27

The stove area which at that point was yet to be assembled. It had to be cooked for about 5 hours. Cooking a stove involves getting a huge fire going inside of it to burn off the fumes and seal in the paint. This was done the following weekend with some friend.


The tent total cost: $2600.00

Everything in the tent: $700.00 (roughly) with the bed being the biggest purchase.

4 responses to Just Broken In – The Tent

  1. Mel Dejesus

    Its’ beautiful, we like what you have done inside. What is the total size of your platform? Do you have the tent up all year round? if not, have you had problems with animals living under the deck during off season? thanking you in advance.

    • Hi There!
      Thanks for the message. If you are on instagram I am there at Live_Small_Think_Big and you can see the inside of the tent and more.

      Inside is a bookcase/metal cabinet that holds all my kitchen needs. There is a queen bed on a frame made of cinder blocks and plywood. Underneath the bed everything is stored in Rubbermaid totes … towels & sheets, shoes, random supplies, tool box etc
      I have an old wooden chest with my clothes in it and on it sits another Rubbermaid tote that acts as my laundry basket. There is also a small table and two chairs plus a wood burning stove. The tent is 12X14 feet so a ton of room!!

      The tent was put up August 2014 and has been up ever since. The season are starting to show and the bottom area is dirty with some streaks throughout. The mice chewed some spots but nothing major. Overall its fine…does not look pristine but I don’t understand why they make white tents … beige, light army green would be better

      No animals under the deck except for the usual rodents. My cat comes up camping with me so I think his scent is keeping more of them away. As well there is never really any food in the tent so trying to not have it take appealing to them.

      Good luck in your living small journey!
      Thanks for popping by

  2. Shelley

    Have a friend who is looking for a tent for her place in the Yukon- really curious how yours is holding up 3.5 years later?mP

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