Day of Thanks for November 24

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALeo Jul 23 | Aug 22: Naturalist Greg Munson says that many dragonflies are great acrobats. They are the “Cirque du Soleil” performers of the animal kingdom. Not only do they eat in mid-air, they also have sex. While flying, two dragonflies will hook up and bend into a roughly circular formation to accommodate the idiosyncrasies of their reproductive organs, thereby forming a “mating pinwheel.” I don’t expect you to achieve quite that level of virtuosity in your own amorous escapades, Leo. But if you’re adventurous, you could very well enjoy experiences that resemble having sex while flying.

Right now that is what my life looks like. A long hallway with lots of options being presented.  I feel like I am being adventurous right now and Rob is telling me that it could resemble having sex while flying …. this is a much better imagine than the hallway.

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