Day of Thanks for November 3

up gg Halloween14-10Leo Jul 23 | Aug 22: This is one of those rare times when it’s OK for you to just throw out the dirty dishes that you are too lazy to wash. It’s also permissible to hide from a difficult person, spend money on a supposedly foolish indulgence, eat a bowl of ice cream for breakfast, binge-watch a TV show that provokes six months’ worth of emotions in a few hours, and lie in bed for an extra hour fantasizing about sex with a forbidden partner. Don’t make any of these things habits, of course. But for now, it’s probably healthy to allow them. Halloween costume suggestion: total slacker.


The year that I was a mermaid for Halloween (2002) was the year that I started to follow Rob rather seriously. I had come up with the costume on my own and stumbled on his column and low and behold that was his suggestion. When I read this one I was like … “Hell no, I am going as an UrbanPrairie Girl Guide!” Turns out he is right. Halloween, Nuit Blanche are not the best times to try to engage people in anything other than super fun conversation and awesome dance moves. Friday was a good night out in Toronto but not really a time to go out and do my pitch. Timing is everything.


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