Trade Tuesdays – Trade #1

I have realized that when you start thinking about living in 100 square feet you realize that you own a lot of things and use very few of them. Moving equals packing which creates piles; things to donate, for Craig’s list, to give to friends and finally to just throw in the garbage cause it can get a bit overwhelming. This time around I have a lot of time to pack so instead of feeling rushed in the process I am going to turn some of my things into memories.

The Item: 2 plants that have outgrown their pots and their space.

The Trade: I will deliver these to you on the weekend and while I watch you figure out their new home I will sit and enjoy my morning Latte and delicious baked good.

The Winner: My friend Mia. She and her partner Dave just bought a new home with lots of space. Dave is not big on indoor plants (?!?) so we thought we would start him out small.

Trade1-before Trade1-afer

trade1-new owner trade1-new owner2 trade1-new owner3

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