Day of Thanks For August 18 – The week of July 31

WofJuly31The Earth has been around for almost 4.6 billion years. But according to scientists who study the fossil records, fire didn’t make its first appearance on our planet until 470 million years ago. Only then were there enough land-based plants and oxygen to allow the possibility of fires arising naturally. Do the math and you will see that for 90 percent of the Earth’s history, fire was absent. In evolutionary terms, it’s a newcomer. As I study your astrological omens for the next 10 months, I foresee the arrival of an almost equally monumental addition to your life, Leo. You can’t imagine what it is yet, but by this time next year you won’t fathom how you could have lived without it for so long.

That was my horoscope the day after I parted ways with a lover. So my achy little heart did a cheer at the idea of that kind of love on the horizon. As I sit here and type this two weeks later I realize that I just figured out how to quit my life in 10 months from now. What is going to happen after that day is without a doubt a “monumental addition” to my life.


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