Medicine Man for February 28

mittguy1 mittguy2

I love creatures (a given by now). Whenever I stay in hotels I take their shoe shine mitts and bring them home to turn them into creatures for my friends.

I made this one for my new friend Quinn. He is a red headed boy that I met for the first time this Wednesday. He looks a little like he could be mine but he definitely looks like he belongs to his momma, Anna.

The creature has a blue eye and a pink eye. I don’t understand the war over colors and newborns so he gets both cause they are both great colors. I am lucky because depending on what I am doing with my friend’s kids I get to be either Auntie Tanya or Uncle Bruce. Its good to go between both genders. Its good to explore all of your person and not hide from parts of yourself based on what a closed minded group of people tell you to act like.

I wish for Quinn many moments of happiness no matter what color.                                     xo

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