I’m so glad she found me for January 18


This is my friend, Dave.

About 8 years ago I started to glue googlie eyes on random photos of people and force them on my friends as gifts. In the last 4 years I have been gluing them onto found objects in order to make characters out of garbage. I have wanted to have my own art show in Toronto since arriving here. A bucket list thing one might say. Last year I figured out the beginning of my art show, the title and the thesis (if art shows have a thesis). This month I finally figured out the end of the show. It seems knowing how to wrap something up can be as hard as getting something started.

I have 52 characters in total. I like to call them my neighbours.

Some will have googlie eyes glued on and some will not. The last few pieces I have found seem to be so obviously what they are that attaching a plastic eye would take away from their brilliance rather than highlight it.

I have also employed the help of a very talented friend David Burton to help show me how to use my camera and in turn hopefully capture the true character of each piece. We are going to collaborate to bring you 52 glam shots of my found neighbours. If you are popping by for the first time feel free to scroll thru the Saturday posts to meet some of them.

Completion date: May 31st.

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