Hump day for January 15


I will be attending the Liberal Convention in February of this year. On Friday night you pop around meeting people who are running for the high up volunteer positions in the Liberal Party. I did not know that this layer of the party existed. I thought it  was MPs and the voters. I like this layer. Members of the party can help shape what the party will think, act and move like. I have decided that I will want to pop in on a few of the rooms; Environment, First Nations, Women’s Issues, Heritage.

My question to the people running to be in charge of our Heritage is this …. “Would you consider tabling the idea that the GTA should be De-Amalgamated and Toronto declared a UNESCO Heritage Site?”

Many people agree about De-Amalgamation. One such guy started a petition. Sign here if you agree.

UNESCO was created in 1945 after two world wars with the idea that; “Peace must be established on the basis of humanity’s moral and intellectual solidarity.” Within the organization they also created the idea of “World Heritage to protect sites of outstanding universal value.”

For me Toronto is a site of outstanding universal value. Toronto has 2.5 Million people with approximately 50% of them being foreign born. We are the most multi-cultural city in the World! Our back alleys are short cuts and art spaces not places to be avoided. We cross cultures when crossing the street. Our Pride parade is the second largest in the world. We are beautiful, safe and diverse.

The Canadian Identity is a hard thing to describe because its not easily recognizable in a physical form. We don’t look a like, sound a like, or come from the same place. We have more differences sometimes than similarities.  In truth thou, most people in Canada are the same simply because they are human. We want a safe and clean home, a job we don’t hate going to, with a pay check that allows us a few sweet moments after paying our bills, a spot to pop in to catch up on the news of the neighbourhood, a health care system that works, a transportation system that works, access to information and a chance to grow as people, support when we need it for whatever reason, and a chance to drop our shoulders, let down our guard, sit outside and watch the world go by.

Somehow by magic Canada has created Toronto where each day we get up and peacefully, creatively and lovingly go about all that.

So I would like to put forward the idea that Toronto should be declared a UNESCO Heritage Site so future generations and visitors from around the world can see what it means for the world to live in harmony.

Thank you to Toronto for the last 13+ years of my life you been very kind to me.

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