Changing it up

but moving this somewhere I can remember

ABOUT – 2013

before me

UrbanPrairie. UP. Because we have no where to go but up.

If I could have a super power. I would be able to run my hands over books and in that touch absorb all the knowledge.

If I could become brilliant at a dream job in the next second. Political cartoonist. Wired to what is going on, super quick to translate it into witty, captivating, short stories. They are romantic and can punch you in the gut sometimes.

This is my attempt to work out my brain. One activity a day. I don’t know everything but I am slowly starting to know a lot more. And “Knowledge is Power” so maybe I do have a little super hero in me.

I love my current day job. It gave me all of the photos you see here. Lately thou, with what is going on in the world and they way the media represents it combined with the way we react to it, makes me wonder what exactly is going on with us. Hopefully some of these posts will make you think a little differently or question a few truths you have come to believe.

after me


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