Hump Day for November 20

moneyWednesdays I have been researching Steven Harper to try to show the hypocrisy of his government. I have been doing this since May and over the last 6 months feel like I know enough about him to create a strong argument as to why he should not be our PM. Recently I joined the Liberal Party because I love my neighbour and he got me thinking that this would be a good idea. Like all new ideas there are highs and lows involved. I went to some of my friends thinking they would be on board with my new found interest. Turns out the bulk of them are NDP. Interesting. So now I am going to show what Harper is doing and what the Liberals have done in similar situations when they were in control. I think most of what my friends love and identify with as the Canadian Way of Life was created by the Liberals and not the NDP nor the Conservatives.

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