Treat me right for November 14

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI took this photo in an alleyway in Toronto. I love it. Not everyone does thou. Sometimes I think there is something really beautiful in the way the world works, even when it is working in destructive ways, but maybe that is just me trying to make my peace with the fact one day I will cease to exist. Right now I have absolutely no peace about the destruction that we are being inundated with. The idea of breaking down is only okay when what is left behind can be used to start anew. I don’t even know what to call what we are leaving behind and I no longer understand what it is we are building.

This coming Saturday is a national day of action to protest pipeline expansion. “Defend our Climate, Defend our Communities.”

Thank you as always to the First Nations Communities for being on the front line and raising your voices. Thank you to the people at Leadnow. Thank you to the people at Desmog Canada and finally thank you everyone who is trying to get in the way and slow this system down.

Get involved.

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