Treat me right for October 3

ws in lake S in lake

One of my favourite places in the world (and I have been fortunate enough to visit all continents but Antarctica) is a Canadian Lake. There is really nothing better than being up North and forgoing a shower for the time you are there and simply getting clean and refreshed in the best mineral bath in the world. My sister’s dogs agree. When I first starting my Thursday posts I thought I had a lot of time before the Canada-China Treaty became a real threat. It appears I don’t.

There is what is going

Christy Clark – is backing the China Canada Treaty

CBC on the Treaty – have a listen and form your own opinion

If this one is too long there is always the Lovely Rick Mercer – short and to the point

Huffington’s coverage – Articles from Oct 2012 onwards

Leadnow is involved so you can be too 

Donate today to help Hupacasath First Nations

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