Hump Day for June 26

harper june 26I lived in a building where they installed security cameras for our safety. It turned out that they were monitoring us more than anyone else. I am not a big fan of cameras but I don’t mind being watched if its by the right audience.

First we had to stop Harper’s online spying bill (c-30) and now Open Media is working on our behalf to deal with the Communications Security Establishment Canada.

Why are we being watched? What is wrong with speaking out and speaking up? And really what constitutes a spy now adays … whistle blowers or over zealous governments?

In the world of online life should our Government not be protecting us from foreign policies? 

No one likes a neighbour that peers over the fence and thru the curtains. It is creepy in the movies and its unnerving in real life.

Lucky for us we have some Pirates on our Side!

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