Treat me right for June 20

I realized that maybe I should tie my logic together here as the links below that I keep posting are not really part of the Idle No More Movement per say. The way I see it – Harper unregulated our water by destroying the Navigational Water Act (been around for 130 years). The 2nd great thing coming from Harper would essentially make it possible for Chinese businesses to set up shop and use our wilderness as they see fit. So now our First Nations Communities cannot rely on the government to stop development on waterways nor to stop a foreign country from taking/destroying the resources they desire in that moment. I view Indigenous people around the world to be like the canary in the coal mine. They are going to be the ones hit first and hit the hardest. If our laws are destroying their way of life then it will only be time before those decisions made by our government start to destroy our way of life. It may take an extra 5 years or so but we are all going to feel the effects of terrible environmental policies.

Our unprotected water
How we are about to sell off our land
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