Medicine Man for June 14


I love where I live and have decided that if I want to keep loving it I have to be involved in making sure it is loveable. So I adopted a tree. Its easy, there is really no paper work. I just said “Hey tree, you’re mine!” I gave it an area that looks too lovely to pile garbage up in or park your bike and when mother nature is not dumping water on us, I give my tree a drink. I encourage you to look around your neighbourhood and adopt a tree too. In a city that seems to be running out of money and resources to move it forward in a good green evolved way, I am taking matters into my own hands. For my neighbours, for the kids and definitely for myself because I grew up in a province where in the 1950s women chained themselves around a tree to save it. Sometimes roads don’t need to be straight and sometimes we need to move around in our environment instead of thru it.

Toronto Guerrilla Gardeners  or Toronto Public Space Committee or just search Guerrilla Gardening Toronto

One Amazing Man in L.A.

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