Treat me Right Thursdays for June 6


I love that this is now appearing as graffiti around Toronto. But like the protest I went to last Saturday to deal with Rob Ford, 3500 people attending on Facebook looked  more like 350 in real life. I wonder what it will take to make us stop, and change, and do something other than click, post or tweet. And to be honest I am not sure what that something other is anymore.

This is the latest news. How is this not even on the radar of all Canadians?

“The other party is the premiers of each province who have not stepped up to the plate.”

And as always

1 of the 3 points of the IDLE NO MORE MOVEMENT – 1 that most definitely affects us all

And if that scares you a little or a lot or if you feel like it might not be the best thing the click here!

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