Hump Day Wednesdays


Wednesdays are Hump Days. The term “Hump Day” I think makes people grin a little. I would never use the word hump to describe my sex life but if I had to I would say something like …. “I love humping girls!” This would make me a queer. A word I don’t really identify with but is the new word for politically minded gay folk (See Wikipedia).  So each Wednesday I am going to bring you some Queer Politics. When you look up Queer in the Merriam-Webster online dictionary you will find the following; and to me there is no one more queer than Stephen Harper. So now that you are grinning (or so I hope) cause we are saying the words hump, queer and Harper in one paragraph I am going to hit you with something serious. The state of our country. Please read and spread the news.

We will start off with a website I admire and am thankful for


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