ABOUT: It is definitely more focused now.

UrbanPrairie. UP. Because we have no where to go but up.

UrbanPrairie keeps changing and evolving. First it was a street-front shop filled with pretty things other Canadians had made. Then, it was my little work bench and the idea I could sell to stores but it started up as the first round of posts you see here from the month of May.

Now it’s different. It’s a cleaning kit to remove toxins from our homes. It’s a bike petition to move us forward to clean transportation. It’s a proposal to Pride Toronto on how to lead the way next year with the least amount of plastic ever. It’s a day dream that I could create a 100,000 person charity. It’s a googlie eye art show without a home.

It’s an attempt to build a better community.

It’s an attempt have some great conversation.

It’s a new urban think tank that is going to create environmentally sound ideas with an artistic bend to help make a better spaces for all of us. Non-humans included.

Thank you

on an aside: the goods for sale have not  been fixed in any way. ie I have simply added hangers etc to whatever I have picked up

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