CRSY! Cleaning Kit

I had dinner at a friend’s house and the entire meal was centered around the lime because  he had read an article on how the lime has been proven to kill cancer cells. I thought interesting …. we believe an article about the power of a fruit at a molecular level to kill cancer cells which was proven in a lab somewhere but we won’t believe that vinegar can clean your home. So we change our diet to counter balance the toxins we take in. Toxins which we can stop taking in by making simple changes in the way we live.

Cleaning supplies …. if you wouldn’t drink it, should you really coat your home with it. Our skin is porous so the chemicals will enter – like it or not.

So instead of being reactive let’s be proactive!

This kit is inspired by my best friend. She has been ahead of the curve as long as I have known her. Over the last 12 years I have always meant to get around to changing my ways from biodegradable to really biodegradable cleaning. Learning new things is sometimes strangely hard. So since I relate to that mentality I have made it easy for you to change (sorta…).

My goal here is to have 1000 people email me for the Label. I would love to know that 1000 homes have been changed to a 100% harm free way of cleaning. It gives us a break, our Lake a break, the whole system gets a very small break. But starting small is still starting.

They make great gifts, fun afternoons and a reason to go into 12 convenience/dollar stores in your town sizing out lids!

Below is all you need.

LCBO single beer carrying case

1 baking soda

1 large white vinegar

1 hydrogen peroxide

1 Castile Soap

2 plastic spray bottles (vinegar goes in one and you need the spray lid from the other to fit on your hydrogen peroxide. You then switch out the lids. Now you can spray your hydrogen peroxide and have another capped bottle to make whatever your heart desires. *** Very important*** take your hydrogen peroxide with you when you are getting the spray bottle. Lid sizes need to match. I have a lot of vinegar bottles ready and waiting)

1 brown or blue spray bottle (this is for your natural air freshener)

Rags (I went to Value Village and grabbed some old shirts and cut them in such a way that you have a lovely little message there while you clean your home)

1 spaces left for you to use as you please (scrub brush fits nicely)

Essential oils for the air fresher and vinegar. Mint, Tea Tree, Lemon, Lime, Lavender plus many more! You make your own scents.

1 Label set (please email me for these)


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