T-shirts with a bit of sass…

These shirts are great conversation pieces. They are made up of 3 pieces sewn together and the material came from over sized second hand shirts, an old jersey and some basic t’s. I cannot claim the sewing to be my own and was very lucky to make a random trip to dry cleaner Bloor (name withheld only because I know nothing of legalities in this world) and had them all done there. I have no idea if the same woman is still working there as these were all made back in 2002-04 but she was fantastic in adding her own touches which made the final product even better than I had hoped for. The model is petite so I would guess at the size to be small.

$35.00 each

1st love t-shirt is sold. (Good pick Sara!)

2 responses to T-shirts with a bit of sass…

  1. Betty

    I love these t-shirts! Can’t wait for larger sizes.

    Great job on everything…your creativity truly shines through.

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